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About us

At Heron engines we specialize in the development of Jet and Turboprop engines. Our founders have over 40 years of experience in the aviation and defense industry, as well as a long history of producing small (up to 300 kg of thrust) jet engines. 

A decade ago, we decided to concentrate all our efforts on a unique vision: making the turboprop experience available to a wider market.


Today, after a long R&D and testing process, we are ready to introduce the GVA-130  (97 kW) turboprop engine. A robust, reliable and affordable power plant, offering dynamic performance and a unique flying experience.

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Our mission is to begin a new era in general aviation and help pilots around the world live the experience of flying a turboprop.


Our vision is that GVA130 will gradually consolidate its own segment in the engine market.

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